What’s a Tool Library?

The Calgary Tool Library is a community tool-sharing service that allows members to borrow domestic tools and equipment in exchange for a small annual fee.

Our ideals are Accessibility, Education, and Empowerment through Community Tool Sharing.


  1. To improve quality of life for Calgarians through affordable tool-sharing,
  2. with wide selection of dependable domestic tools.
  3. To foster and sustain a culture of kindness,
  4. with an inclusive and welcoming space for all people, as volunteers, community members, and collaborators; building projects, skills, and competence.
  5. To create sustainable, meaningful, living-wage employment opportunities with a for an individual with barriers to full-time work.

Volunteers WantedNote from Nathan, the Tool Library’s General Manager:
I’m a big believer in volunteerism as capacity-building and resilience-building. If it’s done with the right intentions and approach, I believe volunteering is one of those activities that can build you up to being able to do more stuff (and fight burnout). My goal is “no pressure”. Just know that I’m here to support you.
Anytime, please connect with me, so we can set up a time for you to come by the house for a coffee to reconnect. I know lots about burnout and mental health in general, and would love to have a no-pressure hangout with you. (We have tea, too, if that’s your thing).
I want you to come away from each volunteer interaction feeling more capable and healthy. I’m here to help.   


The Tool Library is a proud program of the
Bridgeland Riverside Community Association


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