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How To Make a Reservation

  1. Log-in at (You may have to set-up a new password)
  2. Find your desired item in the database, and click onto its individual item page
  3. Look at the calendar, decide which available dates you’d like the item, and click “Reserve” beneath the tool’s picture
  4. Select the available dates you wish to reserve the item for (maximum one week), then click “Start


  5. Click the cart at the very top of the page, and select “Check Out
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Reservation(Not “Save”)
  7. You should arrive at a new page that says “Reservation Saved”
  8. You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail within five minutes, something went wrong. Please try again.
  9. Celebrate!

How To Request a Tool-Loan Renewal

  1. Send an e-mail to (BEFORE THE DUE DATE)
  2. If a renewal is possible, you will be notified. If not, you will be expected to return the tools as scheduled.
  3. If you are not a Gold Member, you will need to upgrade to a Gold Membership for $25.00, which can be managed through this e-mail (You’ll need a credit card).

Membership Fee Rationale

We are a very modest not-for-profit, and with accessibility as our highest value, membership fees are already discounted as much as possible.

It has taken us five years of continuous operation to reach our break-even point, and to keep offering our service to the Greater Calgary Area, we intend to maintain this fee structure for as long as financially viable.

Due to the size of our budget, we offer domestic-grade (not commercial-grade) tools to the community, and more importantly, we depend on the goodwill, understanding, and patience, on you, our community of Calgary Tool Library Members.

Thank You for Supporting Community Tool-Sharing!

Rules and Borrowing Policy

General Guidelines

  1. Members must be 18 years of age or older to borrow tools from Calgary Tool Library 
  2. New members will pay a $10.00 start-up fee upon registration.
  3. Only Members are authorized to use Library tools. Members shall not permit the use of Library tools by any non-member.
  4. The tools in the Library’s collection may not be used for any trade, business, rental, or commercial purposes.
  5. Prior to borrowing tools, all Members must read and sign the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association Tool Library Release of Liability, Waiver and Indemnification Agreement and read, sign, and complete the Rules and Borrowing Policy (“Policy”).
  6. Prior to borrowing tools, all Members must inspect the tools and accept that the tools were taken in good and serviceable condition. 
  7. By taking possession of any tool the Member is certifying that he or she is capable of using that item in a safe and proper manner. 
  8. The Tool Library reserves the right to refuse the loan of any item at its discretion.
  9. The Tool Library reserves the right to alter the Policy at any time. 
  10. Members consent to the payment of membership dues upon the expiration of the annual membership term. Members may opt-out by request; in person, via telephone, or by e-mail, at any time.
  11. There are no refunds issued. 
  12. Members whose membership has lapsed for a period greater than two months (60 days) will revert to “New Members”, and are again subject to the $10.00 start-up fee.

Loan Period

  1. Tools may be borrowed for a maximum period of 7 days. 
  2. Tools may only be returned during the Library’s open hours. 
  3. All tools borrowed are to be returned to the Library at the open of business on their due date
  4. Should a “Gold”-level member wish to extend their borrowing period past a week, please email us at to inquire about borrowing for more time (one week max). 
  5. Basic Members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 5 tools at one time; Gold Members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 8 tools at one time.

Overdue Tools

  1. If a tool is returned late, the Member will be responsible for a late fee of $2.00 per tool, per calendar day.
  2. To return tools outside of the Tool Library’s opening hours, members with special circumstances may contact the Tool Library Manager to make alternative arrangements.
  3. Late fees are capped at the full replacement cost of the tool plus a $20.00 administrative fee per tool. 
  4. Late fees are subject to change. 
  5. All late fees and fines must be paid in full before borrowing additional items. 

Damaged and/or Delinquent Tools

  1. The Library reserves the right to use appropriate steps to retrieve delinquent tools or unpaid fines and fees, including charging registered payment methods, the use of a collection agency, and/or legal action, and to assess the delinquent Member with the cost of such action. 
  2. The Library also reserves the right to forgive fees due to special circumstances. 
  3. All tools are to be returned in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. 
  4. All tools must be returned clean, or a fine will be charged to the Member.
  5. The Member agrees to pay for the loss of or damage to any item, in whole or in part
  6. The Member agrees to accept the Library’s assessment of fair restitution for damage, dirtiness, delinquency, and/or loss of items in part or in total. 
  7. The restitution amount may equal the full replacement cost of the item plus a $10.00 administration fee. 

Tool Renewal and Reservation

  1. “Gold”-level members may renew their loans once, online via, provided another member has not reserved the tool, or the item is not in high demand. Details can be found at
  2. Members may put in-stock items on hold online via, on the same day as checkout. 
  3. Failure to pick up a tool before the Library’s closing time will result in a $4.00 fee charged to the member’s account. 
  4. The Tool Library reserves the right to make an exception to this Policy it its discretion. 

In Summary: You and I both own these tools together with the community. You will treat these tools kindly, bring them back clean, and return them on time; otherwise, you will pay the requested fee. If you break or lose a tool (in whole or in part), you agree to replace it.

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